Local Moving Companies Syracuse

If you're looking for an experienced, reliable and affordable Mover, then look no further! At Moving Company Syracuse, we are 100% committed to providing you with the best moving experience, a moving experience that comes at a more than affordable price. Since every move is unique, our Relocation Consultants carefully consider all aspects of your move, including; location, date, time, stairs and extra stops. They put all of this effort into the project to ensure an accurate quote for you. Each move is planned and coordinated according to your specific needs, because you’re the boss.

Once Moving Company Syracuse starts your move, we use our very own experienced movers; we never use labor halls, we want to guarantee the job is done correctly. Our employees have a vested interest in our customers' complete satisfaction. Our staff members, ranging in experience from 5 to 30 years, are well-trained, experienced, and reliable -they take enormous pride in their work, and it shows. With all of this in mind, you can definitely rest assured that a convenient, single point of contact ensures your possessions are in good hands at all times.

At Moving Company Syracuse, we go the distance...even if that just happens to be long distance. We're experienced in local AND long distance relocation, which is an amazing feat for a moving company. Our trained professionals will safely move you from city to city. The rest of the movers simply cannot match our personal customer service; and most certainly not our move prices, which we’re extremely proud of. Ask us for a free quote and see for yourself how amazing our rates are. Whether your move is across Syracuse or across the nation, Moving Company Syracuse will move you with pleasure.

Our company polices are outstanding:

• We will always call you when we are driving to your starting location; all our drivers carry cell phones.
• Additional items are the same price on move day as on the computer, the day you booked your move - to avoid any confusion.
• The move price is the same in the middle of the month as the end of the month, so you never get hustled.
• There are absolutely NO hidden costs.
• We email or fax the itemized list to the customer so that there are no misunderstandings in the move.
• We do not over book the end of the month, we always deliver.
• We are experienced in all moving services, and insured for your peace of mind.
• All our moving equipment is well maintained and of an exceptional, premium quality.
• We are flexible to the customers’ needs and realize that each move we embark on is unique.


I have used Moving Company Syracuse several times already and I can say with pleasure that they did another great job with my most recent move last Friday. This was a much larger move than I have dealt with in the past and the team was very careful with some of my larger pieces of furniture and as efficient as possible. Highly Recommended!!
- Jonathan M.